Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dear Bradley, PS I Love You This Much!

Dearest Bradley,

Thank you for letting me be your Mom. It has been such an honor to be your mother over the past year and a half. How did I get so lucky? You haven't been angry at me for all of the mistakes I have made, and the things I did wrong. You have only loved me. It is amazing that it takes the love of a baby to teach us how to truly love unconditionally as adults. Before having you I read every book I could get my hands on about mothering, diapering, breast feeding, and sleeping. You came home and turned my world upside down. You cried and my heart would leap! You smiled and I would explode with joy! You laughed and we would laugh until we cried. You taught me that being a Mom isn't something you read in black in white, but something that was always inside of me. God created me to be a Mom and espcially a Mom to you, my dearest Bradley.

I know when you wake up how much you love to go and look for Daddy in the shower before breakfast. I know that when you are sleepy you rub your little ear. I know that even if I put your shoes on, you will probably take them off in the car. I know that you love to hide in your sink cabinet when I am picking up your room. I know you love to listen to books. I know when you wake up you like to lay awhile in your crib before being picked up. I know that you only drink water, even though I try to offer you milk all the time. I know that you would play in the yard all day if I let you. I know how much you love to get a massage after a bath, and sometimes you will fall asleep during it.

I know you, I love you, I am your Mommy. The greaest job and privledge God ever gave me was raising you. I pray every night to be the best Mom for you, and to guide you in all of the right directions. And even though I may stumble and fall as a Mom that these mistakes will be lessons learned for both of us. Thank you for a wonderful Mother's Day.

Love, Mommy

PS I Love You This Much!


Kimber said...

Awww Clare that is BEAUTIFUL! you are making me cry over here:)You are a great Mom.


Melissa said...

Okay, so you made me cry!! What a beautiful letter!

Clare, you are an amazing mother, wife and friend...we are all the lucky ones!

Love you!