Monday, April 14, 2008

What did Daddy buy?

While I was working at the church on Sunday afternoon, Chris decided he would take Bradley to Toys R Us! They went to buy a swing to hang under the deck, and this is what I found when we got home! We have wanted to get Bradley a wagon ever since the weather was getting warmer, but we couldn't find any of the "old fashioned" radio flyer wagons. Chris said he saw this one, and had to have it! Especially since it had the wood railings around it. But, if you look at the wheels I think you will see why Chris decided to buy this one. Since it was raining out yesterday afternoon, we had to pull Bradley around the house in it!

Check out the wheels on this wagon! It is called "Big Red All Terrain Wagon."


Lindsay said...

aww so fun!! Sammy will have to come over and get a wagon ride :-)

Kimber said...

Oh that looks fun---we need to come ride in it!