Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time Flies...

My husband snapped this photo while we were vacationing in Charleston, SC over Christmas. It is such a perfect picture of Bradley! He is always curious, a little bit shy around new people, but once you know him he is wide open! Sounds a little bit like his Daddy, except for the shy part.
Bradley had just turned one, and I couldn't believe how quickly he was growing up. It seemed as though as soon as I watched him take his first steps, he started to walk and now he runs from me. How did this happen in just a few short months? As a child, summers dragged on for eternity, always enough sunlight to play outside all day and have sleepovers at night. Now, the weeks just pass so fast and I want to pinch myself and make time slow down. I want to remember every little thing Bradley does, preserve, and cherish it. This is why I wanted to start my blog. So, I could look back and remember all of the moments. When Bradley was first born and for the first few months of his life I wrote down EVERYTHING he did. How much did he nurse? How long? When did he have a diaper? When did he sleep? How long did he cry before falling asleep? I was a fanatic about it! As he grew and time passed, I wished I had another outlet to journal all of his other milestones and our weekly life. So here it is!

I would like to once a week have a post called "Time Flies..." and just write down some of the events from the week or funny anecdotes of life raising a toddler. This week we went to "Tumble Buddies" pictures in the next post. It is basically like "The Little Gym" except much cheaper! Bradley is obsessed with the tumble track. It is a long trampoline used to train children how to do tumbling combinations on the floor. But, for the little ones they just run down it. The hard part is getting Bradley to get off at the end of the track and get back in line. He would much rather run back on the track and knock over the child who is next!

Bradley has become very interested in the parts of your face (nose, ears, etc.) He points to any part of his face if you ask him where it is. He will also point to it on Mommy or Daddy (how adorable is that?). Well, this morning at MOPS he was in the toddler room, and apparently he put his finger in a little girls mouth and she bit him! I am assuming he was interested in her mouth, because he has been checking out Chris and my mouth ever since he started learning body parts.

Bradley said, "Car" on Monday while playing with Brayden and a bunch of his matchbox cars.

He is now beginning to put things away after playing with them. If I tell him he can't go outside until he helps me put away his blocks, he will do it! I'm not sure how long that will last?
Bradley HATES any type of grooming. He hates to get dressed, to get wiped up after eating, get his shoes on, and he especially hates to have his diaper changed! Makes for a fun morning when you are trying to get out the door somewhere.
He loves to move and collect things in a little pile. The other morning I found a "collection" in the guest bedroom that consisted pajama pants, my crocs (both shoes), an old bottle of hairspray, Q-tips that he had pulled out of the drawer, and a sock. I guess he did all of this while I was in the shower?? I will find little piles like this all over the house.
Along with collecting, he really enjoys hiding. He will hide sippy cups in cabinets, and then go find them later in the day to drink from. He is always hiding his many binkis. We will see him pull open and draw and get it like he knew it was there all along? Not so sure about that, it seems like a lucky guess to me sometimes.
Hope you liked Time Flies... more next week...


Kimber said...

Hi Clare,

Gpt your email so I came over to see the slideshow. We'll talk about it tomorrow:)

Kimber said...


Kate is a "collector" too which is why I feel like it is always messy! LOVE the slideshow. Have fun at TB tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow night:)


Lindsay said...

ooo looks like Bradley had a blast at the gym. I love the time flies idea!