Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Swingset

Well, three LARGE boxes arrived on Thursday from "Little Tikes!" Chris and I had ordered Bradley a new swingset this weekend and it came very quickly! Chris spent most of the afternoon on Thursday putting it together. Just in time from Chloe to come over and play with us on Friday. Bradley LOVES his new swingset! He spent most of the afternoon on Thursday bugging Daddy while he put it together. Chris would start looking for a bolt, his wrench, or any piece he needed "right then" and a little person had walked away with it. Usually dropping it somewhere in the grass to be found later by a big person! Always an adventure when there is a toddler at your house...

Chloe's mom, Greta and I met at my fitness instructor training this winter. She is trained to teach Zumba, which is a fun dance type workout class. She starts her first class this summer! I am so excited for her. She also teaches "Stroller fit" which is an awesome workout for mommies. We both were teachers and just hit it off! The kiddos had a great time together, playing outside and riding in the wagon.

I played around with Picasa a whole bunch tonight. It was really fun, and I loved the way the sepia made these wagon pictures look.

Bradley in the treehouse!

Still isn't so sure about the whole slide thing. We are working on that!

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