Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Playroom!!

After Bradley's birthday and Christmas our little playroom was overflowing with toys. We only had one small trunk and all of the toys were sitting on the floor. Recently we bought a bunch of furniture to organize the playroom! Chris put everything together on Friday, and Bradley has been enjoying it ever since. I think he thought we had been hiding a bunch of toys from him!!! Thank you Daddy!

Bradley climbing in to find a ball hidden on the bottom! One of his first words was "Ball" and he loves to play with them around the house.


Jolanthe said...

Love those shelves!! Where did you get them? They would work great for our homeschooling stuff.


(found you through Lindsey's blog)

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your new blog! I love it!

Kimber said...

The playroom looks great. Kate certainly enjoyed it the other day:)