Monday, April 14, 2008

Lindsay's Birthday

We celebrated Lindsay's 25th birthday at Red Robin. Chris and I gave Lindsay and Tim a gift certificate to "A Weekend to Remember." Chris and I went to this conference in the beginning to March and we BOTH had a great time! We went to the conference in Roanoke, but they are located all over the United States. We thought Lindsay and Tim would really enjoy it! Their gift also came with a weekend of free babysitting from us!

Here is Lindsay opening her gift certificate!

Sammy was such a doll during dinner! He kept doing a fake giggle, and he would want everyone else to join in. If everyone at the table started laughing, so would Sammy. It was a riot!

Sammy and Bradley had a great time playing with his stroller. Sammy was inspecting the wheels while Bradley watched. These two are going to be up to trouble soon. Bradley spent the whole time during dinner pointing to his nose. He just learned where his nose is, and he will point to it when you ask him. Bradley also discovered ranch dressing. He saw me dipping and he started doing it!

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Lindsay said...

O you got some great photos at lunch.. I will have to steal some of those :-)