Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bradley's Newest Trick!

I hope you like my new blog! I am so excited to share our daily life with family and friends. It will be great to keep you updated with our daily journey of raising Bradley, working, owning our own business, and just enjoying life. If you like my blog design please thank my sister Lindsay! She is wonderful and helped me put it all together. You can check out her cute blog here. Lindsay is much better at computer stuff than I am.
Thank you Lindsay for your help, I Love You!

Life with a 15 Month Old can get a little interesting! Recently Bradley was getting a little bored at home one morning and this contraption is what Daddy used to solve the problem of extreme fussiness!!! Chris found this wipes box and tied a cord to it as a way to pull Bradley around the house. He loved it so much, and would get really angry if you stopped pulling him. This became Bradley's favorite thing to do at home. So much so that now the box is sitting on top of the trash can because Mommy and Daddy can't take it anymore. Gotta love Daddy for coming up with something for the fussy baby.

Yes, that is also Bradley's snack trap in the box. Just in case he gets hungry on his trip!

Just one more time Dad....PLEASE!!!
We have also realized in the past few weeks that Bradley loves to try on everyones shoes. Even if they are a little girlie! These aren't too easy to walk in, are they Bradley?

After a recent trip to Target Bradley found the diaper genie dispenser in the bag when we got home. Next thing I noticed Bradley had put both of these on his feet and he was walking (or sliding) around the house! I guess he is our next cross country skier.

He traveled all over the house with these on! What a riot!


Kimber said...

Oh I am so excited to be the first comment! I love it. You and your sister did a great job. Love the photos and the stories.


I have always wanted to learn how to add the signature to my posts.

Lindsay said...

yay I'm so excited that you joined in on the blogging fun! Love ya!

Karla said...

Yeah another friend online blogging. The site looks great. And its fun to see Bradley getting bigger.

Lindsay said...

Tag your it! You can check out the rules here:

At My Blog!

Patrick said...


Now I can keep up with both of my Grandsons on a daily basis. It is nice to have this to take a break from work and check out all the activities. Mom and I remember how it was 24/7 with two little girls around. Bradley will continue to rule your world for years to come! Love, Grandpa.

Carolyn said...


I see just like Mommy you like riding around in the Pampers box. I have a picture of her at about your same age...or was it Aunt Lindsay...I will have to dig it out and see.

Clare--you did a nice job on the blog! You can be sure we will stay tuned for the latest update.

Mom and Grandma

Jay said...

Clare and Chris,

This is great! We have enjoyed Lindsay's and Tim's blog and look forward to keeping up with your family too!

(BTW, I think that Bradley gets the girly shoe thing from Grandpa Pat.)

Seriously, Lindsay and Clare, please keep the updates coming.

Great Uncle Jay
(gotta love that title)