Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Body Step and Other Things...

So one of my more recent ideas was to become a fitness instructor at our local gym. I have always enjoyed working out, and since having Bradley I have really spent a lot of time running! But, as with everything I was starting to get bored with just running around the neighborhood. Since we have a gym in our basement I knew Chris wouldn't want to join the gym. So, I took a class to learn about becoming a fitness instructor. I decided that BodyStep would be a fun class to teach. You can read about BodyStep and the Les Mills company here. Two weeks ago I took the BodyStep certification class. It was a totally intense two days of stepping and fitness. I passed! Now I have twelve weeks to learn the entire class, which consists of twelve songs and tape myself teaching. Tonight I practiced with a few of the women who took the initial training with me. It is going to take a lot of hard work, but I am really excited about it all. I will keep you updated about my progress. I think I have the first four songs memorized, just 8 more to go!

Playroom...someone asked me where I got all of the shelves and containers from Bradley's playroom. I bought them here. They are really sturdy and I am really impressed with them. We are even talking about ordering some more so that we will have enough in the future.


Kimber said...

You will be such a great instructor!


Lindsay said...

Did you take a video of Bradley dancing on the step? I love our birthday presents, anniversary, etc. present you gave us yesterday!! We are so excited.. We already started looking into the trip in November!