Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Raising Grace


There is no formula for parenthood.  There is no supreme guidebook that tells you exactly what to do.  There isn’t  magic potion to drink at night that will give you all of the answers.  (although sometimes wine works)

You are just IN it.  You LIVE it every day.  You figure it out day by day.  You make mistakes.  You fall down.  You try again.  You have the highest highs.  You have the lowest lows.  You try your best with the tools you have. 

Raising Grace has been a test of everything I thought I knew as a mother and then some.  She has worried us.  She has made me feel sick with concern.  She has had such hard moments.  She has had tremendous growth.  She has re-learned how to sleep, learned how to talk in less than a year, and surprised us with her observance of the world around her.

Grace has tested everything I “thought I knew” about early childhood and development.  Children have set-backs, and those same children can have amazing growth and progress.


I have been almost hiding from my blog.  I am not 100% ready to share our most recent journey with Grace yet.  I have debated sharing our struggles in such a public place.  But, the other night I sat down and read every post I had written about Grace since she was born.  It was so cleansing.  After reading all of the posts I felt that this is still the best place for me to write from my heart.  Just sharing sweet pictures of our family at the beach isn’t the full story of my life right now. This is my little place to share our journey.  And currently our journey is rocky and hard. We still have some more hills to climb and mountains to conquer in the next few weeks.  If you have a moment say a little prayer or send some positive juju our way.  My little world of motherhood has been turned on its head this past month.  It isn’t life altering, it is just hard stuff.

Parenting is hard no matter what journey you are on.  We all LOVE our children with a fierceness that is scary.  This littlest one with the sweet blond curls holds the key to my heart. 

I love you my fearless Gracie girl.

Your sweet little sunflower swim suit jumping into tide pools this summer.  I will think of this when we are climbing our mountains together.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beach Adventures 2014


I am finally getting around to organizing and posting all of our Myrtle Beach pictures from this summer.  We are lucky enough to have a free place to stay when we go to the beach with my parents.  My mom and I handled the kids for the first week at the beach.  It was fun, but I think she may be requesting her own space next year.  Five of us in a three bedroom condo was nice and cozy!


Things I LOVE about Myrtle Beach:

1. family time 24/7

2. the shore is really wide and the waves aren’t too big, perfect for little people

3. there are a million things to do


My parents own a few different condos at Myrtle Beach, in the Cherry Grove area.  It is a great spot, not as busy as the city of myrtle beach, but still fun things to explore nearby!  I took the kids down to the pier twice the first week, and Chris took them down the second week.  We saw a sting ray, and Chris said they saw a shark…yikes!


Ellie is frightening, where did she even learn to stand like that?



Beaching it with little people is a ton of work.  Grace like the beach a lot this summer, and I know each summer will continue to get easier and easier with all three of them enjoying the water.


My Mom and I were really adventurous and took the kids to a water park one afternoon.  It wasn’t the most taken care of water park, but the kids thought it was the best place ever!  I guess I can’t blame them!


We even attempted to eat out with all of the kids, Steak and Shake is fine dining when you have three children in tow.


My Mom made the girls these hula girl dresses.  Aren’t they so cute?!



Ellie got her hair wrapped, which may have been the highlight of her entire beach vacation.


My children love these head cutouts now!  Every where we go we have to take a picture inside of them!



But, we spent most of our time by the gorgeous water.  Digging, playing, scooping, swimming, jumping, and just enjoying the sunshine as much as possible.


After the beach, always came time for a dip in the pool!  I saw Ellie grow with her swimming in leaps and bounds while we were at the beach.  She was jumping off the side and swimming under the water to my mom and I.  Proud mama!




And this little one has no fear at all!


Bradley seemed to enjoy cheering on his sisters and just playing around in the water.  He would make up elaborate games, and get my mom and I to join in the fun.




There are still some more pictures from Chris and I’s week at the beach that I need to sort through too!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Fun from the Bucket List

I finally wanted to sit down and recap some of the fun summer adventures my little crew went on this summer!  We started our summer with lots of ideas and inspiration.  I listed most of their plans out on our chalkboard wall…


We were probably a little over zealous with our plans and ideas, but I was surprised how many things we were able to check off the list!  I am thinking the left over items we can save for next summer!

Here are some snapshots of our summer adventures:


Life sized portraits


Summer journals: we would draw a picture and write about our adventures in our journals


Bakery Day:  We went to our favorite cupcake shop and I let the kids pick any cupcake they wanted to!


Night swim:  We stayed at the pool really late one saturday night and ordered pizza poolside


Peach Picking at Chiles Orchard


Adventures at Myrtle Beach this summer!


Busch Gardens


Painting with Fly Swatters in our bathing suits


Water Play Date with our new Car Wash


Visit our buddies at Virginia Beach for the 4th of July


Ellie and I made mermaid peg dolls together


Huge canvas art with my two littles


Play dates to say good bye to wonderful friends


Visiting our best buds in GA


And a lot of the summer was spent potty training this wild beast!

There are probably more things that I didn’t capture on the camera, but all in all it truly was an AWESOME summer!